Kelly Springs 2nd graders learned about stalagmites and stalactites after visiting the Florida Caverns in Marianna on Thursday, November 10, 2016. 
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KSE'S 2016-2017
Teacher of the Year
Mrs. Holly Rollins



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The students of KSE in grades 2 and 5 attended a program to honor several people that each classroom in grades 2 and 5 nominated. This is part of the “Helping Hands” project which the students nominated and honored a person in our school our community who is doing the work of a Super Citizen. The following honorees were invited and honored at the Super Citizen ceremony. The second grade classes nominated Mr. Luke Pannell. He was announced during the ceremony by his son, Tucker Pannell and Christoper Luna. Also, in second grade Mr. Henry Hardy was nominated and he was announced by his granddaughter, Abbie Grace Renshaw. The fifth grade classes nominated Ms. Ada and Ms. Denise, custodians at our school. They were announced by Sophia Motzenbecker and Kamyliah Thomas. We are proud of these honorees and the work of Liberty's Legacy.

Kelly Springs students STEAMED full forced on Halloween with a day filled with STEAM activities! Students learned about art from Munch with the "Scream" to Seurat with pointillism as well as pumpkin designing. Also, there were abundant activities galore relating to science and math: engineering by tower building, graphing of all kinds with numerous objects, sink n' float experimentation using pumpkins, building and using catapults...the list goes on! Every class was involved! What a learning filled day!
Donations to the Autism unit at Kelly Springs were made in celebration of Kenzie's life and in memory of her on her birthday. Pictured are members of the Children's Advocacy Group at First Baptist Church, Kenzie's grandmother Faye Best, her teachers Mr. Devon and Ms. Andrea, and KSE's principal Ms Dismukes. 

Fifth Grade Students at KSE are Changing their MINDS!!!! to a HEALTHIER GROWTH Mindset!
After studying the research of Carol Dweck, a Stanford University professor, Lisa Burnham decided to help the fifth graders at KSE develop a healthier growth mindset. Carol Dweck's research found that a person's growth mindset determines whether a person has success in life. 
Fifth graders are learning that a growth mindset is having the belief that you can change if you apply yourself to a task. Growth mindset is the belief that people are not set in concrete and that they can change. Growth mindsets foster effort, hard work, and seeing difficult tasks as a challenge. It is Ms. Burnham's hope and mission to spread this growth mindset to all grades at KSE.
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Kelly Springs AHA, Art History Alive, featured on WTVY news

Article by Allison Lorraine WTVY.
Students at Kelly Springs Elementary School are taking art class to the next level. It’s called ‘Aha,’ which stands for 'art history alive.' 

Students are immersed in the history of art this school year. Each month the kids will learn about a different art era. In September, they learned about the Renaissance art period and practiced painting like Michelangelo did when he created his famous work on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

The children stuck their artwork to the roof of their desks and painted upside down just like he did. 

“It was so hard because some of the paint fell on our faces, but it was really fun." said Ella Brooke Bragwell, first grader at Kelly Springs Elementary School. 

This month, students are learning about early impressionism and how to paint like Claude Monet. Next month, students will learn about late neo-impressionism and famous French artist George Seurat. 

'Aha' started from the school's resource specialist Lisa Burnham, who felt it was important to teach students about the history of art in its different forms. 

"In a program where I'm able to give my passions and share them with my students… this is a way that I am able to share something I enjoy with the whole school," said Burnham. 

Each morning, the school starts the day off with a fun fact or a quote from a specific art form or artist. One was a quote by Michelangelo who said, "A man paints with his brain and not with his hands."

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Kelly Springs 5th Grade LinC
as they were interviewed during one of their Socratic Seminars.


KSE's LinC students enjoyed an insightful experience at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival while experiencing an interactive play of "The Gravedigger's Tale", a scene from Shakespeare's Hamlet. The students were thoroughly entertained and actively interacted with the actor during at outdoor 

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KSE's PTO sponsored its 2nd Annual Color Run in support of Kelly Springs on Saturday, October 8, 2016. An enormous thanks to our PTO and all who came to support and help in this enjoyable event!
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Kelly Springs Learn about the Chinese Culture

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