Parent Involvement
Kelly Springs Elementary School
Parent Involvement / Family / Community Engagement Plan
Kelly Springs Elementary School has established expectations for parent involvement in the educational process.   The administration and faculty believe that Family Engagement is one of the most important links to academic success.  We are committed to increasing Family Engagement within our school and the community by providing opportunities for parents to actively participate in the education of their child/children in the following ways:
1. Developing jointly with parents, agreeing on with parents, and distributing to parents, a Family/Community Engagement Plan.
2. Supporting and encouraging active participation in PTO events such as meetings, Learn-a-thon, Field Day, Field Day, Spring Carnival, School Picnic and Pancake Breakfast.
3. Providing opportunities for parents to respond to surveys and questionnaires expressing their ideas and/or concerns to improve education.  Surveys will be sent home yearly along with on-line surveys.
4. Providing parents access to written materials in their native language.
5. Encouraging parents to attend school events and use their talent/resources to enhance the instructional program.
6. Providing interpreter services when necessary.
7. Providing a flexible number of regularly scheduled parent meetings during the morning, afternoon and evenings.  Provide lunchtime meetings.
8. Providing descriptions/explanations of curriculum, academic assessments and student proficiency levels.
9. Providing training to help parents work with their children to improve their achievement.  Provide math nights every nine weeks.
10. The school may provide with Title I Funds:  transportation, child care, or home visits as necessary to help remove barriers to parent/guardian’s participation in school activities and meetings.

Title I Involvement
The administrators, faculty and parents will jointly develop, review, revise and implement the Kelly Springs School Improvement plan, Title I Family Engagement plan and School Compact requirements according to the guidelines set forth by law and by Dothan City Schools.  To build capacity for involvement with parents and the community, Kelly Springs Elementary School will:
1. Hold an Annual Title I Parent Meeting and other parent meetings, at flexible times and invite all parents to attend.
2. Invite feedback from parents and respond to parent questions and concerns in a timely manner.
3. Provide all communications in a format and language that is easily understandable to all parents.
4. Invite parents to observe Kelly Springs Elementary School programs and visit classrooms during October’s Parent Visitation Month.
5. Communicate with parents on a regular basis through newsletters, weekly folders, student progress reports, school newsletters, website,  school marquee, School Messenger, Remind 101, Class Dojo and our monthly calendar.
6. Provide scheduled parent-teacher conferences and requested parent-teacher conferences to discuss student progress.
7. Provide parents and community with assessment results and overall district and building performance.
8. Provide parents and community stakeholders accessibility of LEA policies and curriculum.
9. Provide an information board of current events, updated website information and distribute notices and communications in a timely manner to inform parents of school activities and academic programs.
10. Provide parents and community stakeholders a copy of the Kelly Springs Family / Community Engagement plan and a copy of the Kelly Springs Title I Parent Involvement Plan.
11. Provide meetings and activities to assist parents in understanding the curriculum, academic assessments, and student proficiency levels.
12. Utilize partnerships with community organizations and adopters to improve student achievement.
13. Coordinate and integrate activities and programs through Parent and Community Engagement.
14. Invite parents to join and actively participate in the Kelly Springs Elementary School PTO.

To ensure Kelly Springs Elementary School parents participate in the school’s programs, we will:
1. Provide annual meeting to explain the requirements of Title I, the school’s participation in the Title I program and parents’ right to be involved.
2. Provide flexible times for our parents to attend parent meetings during the morning afternoon and evening.
3. Provide opportunities for parents to jointly develop review and revise the Kelly Springs Parent-School Compact, the Kelly Springs Family/Community Engagement Plan and the School Improvement Plan.
4. Provide opportunities for parents to give suggestions and comments about the Kelly Springs Parent-School Compact, the Kelly Springs Family/Community Engagement Plan and the School Improvement Plan and to respond to parent comments and suggestions in a timely manner.
5. Distribute copies of the Parent-School Compact and the Family/Community Engagement Plan in a timely manner to all students, parents, and community stakeholders and acquire appropriate signatures.
6. Provide opportunities for parents to be involved in an organized, ongoing and timely way in the planning and review of school programs.
7. Provide access to community and support services.
8. Provide parent meetings to explain the curriculum, assessments, formative assessments and expected student proficiency levels.
9. Provide parents opportunities for regular meetings for suggestions, decision-making and responses.
10. Provide responses to parent suggestions, questions and concerns through newsletters, written and phone communication.
11. Provide opportunities for parents to participate in professional development available to staff and parents.
12. Provide ELL parents information on assisting their children in attaining English proficiency and in achieving academic success.
13. Involve parents in an organized, ongoing, timely way, in planning and reviewing the Kelly Springs Family/Community Engagement Plan.
14. Provide a scheduled parent-teacher conference during the school year to discuss student progress and to review the School-Compact.  Further conferences will be conducted upon request.
15. Provide timely information about parent programs.