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Welcome to the LinC Page for 2017-2018 
My name is Lisa A. Burnham, and I am the Resource Specialist/LinC Teacher for Kelly Springs.

What is LinC? 

Learning in Consultation (LinC) is designed to provide challenging educational opportunities that extend beyond the general education program. LinC's mission is to provide consultation between the general education teachers and resource specialists to meet the needs of high-end learners in the general education classroom. LinC serves the top 10% of our student population.

LinC Goals:

¨ To identify and serve all high-end learners in grades 3-5

¨ To collaborate/consult with the classroom teachers in providing resources for the high-end learners.

¨ To provide opportunities for intelligent choices, independent learning, and problem solving.

¨ To provide stimuli for individual interest and development of academic/creative abilities.

¨ To provide experiences that develop the operations of analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating.

How are LinC students served?

Students who qualify for LinC meet in the resource room for a scheduled block of time once a week. While in the resource room students participate in creative thinking skills, explorations of topics of interest, and learning to think like a practicing professional in a given profession. 
For more information regarding the curriculum provided during pull-out services, please click on the 3 hour pull-out drop down link under the LinC Program Menu.

How do students qualify for the LinC program ?

A matrix is used to identify the students with the greatest need for enrichment services from grades 3-5

The matrix includes:

Aptitude: NNAT a non verbal analogy test given to all second graders, Torrance test of creativity, or another formal test of aptitude.

CharacteristicsTABs - observations based on a student's teacher and other members of the school's faculty who have frequent contact with the student. The TABs consists of traits, behavioral, and apititude observations.

Performance: Includes grades for 4th and 5th graders, achievement scores, creative drawing, creative writing, and figural analogies.

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