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Welcome to Kelly Springs Media Center
Mission Statement

The mission of the Kelly Springs Elementary School library media program is to empower students as independent readers and effective, self-reliant and critical users of ideas and information, thereby encouraging lifelong learning.


Provide resources in a variety of formats and developmentally appropriate levels in order to meet the information and reading needs of students.
Provide open access to the media center to allow students daily opportunities to browse, explore and use media center resources.
Provide students with opportunities to explore library media center-based units of instruction.
Provide assistance to students in carrying out resourced-based learning activities.
Library Media Program

At Kelly Springs, we have a combination of fixed scheduling and flexible scheduling. What this means is K-5 classes have an assigned weekly library time where a variety of skills are taught including traditional library skills as well as reinforcing the components of reading.

In 1993, Kelly Springs Elementary School adopted a flexible access library media program. Prior to this, a traditional rigid schedule was employed in which a yearly schedule for whole class visits to the library was established. The librarian met with each class once a week for a predetermined length of time. Library skills were taught, but there was little opportunity for students to practice those skills in a way that was relevant to their needs.

The advantages of a flexible library media center schedule are many:

Information skills are correlated with classroom learning activities, making them more relevant to the needs of the student.
Frequent practice of information skills encourages students to become lifelong library users.
Students develop important skills which will enable them to better manage the information explosion and become more effective users of a wide variety of information resources.
The media center is used all day, every day, allowing costly school-owned resources to be used more fully.
Students work independently in using library resources and take on more responsibility for their own learning.
Students are encouraged to read by being able to check out a book on any day instead of having to wait for their weekly turn in the media center.
Teachers view the library media center as an extension of their own classroom with the librarian as a partner in the planning and implementing of learning activities for students which meet curricular needs.